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At LUNETTES ART LAB, we're driven by our passion for exceptional craftsmanship and personalized service.

From bespoke fitting to advanced prescription glasses dispensing, we strive to exceed your expectations. Experience the highest level of artistry and precision as we tailor eyewear to perfection.

Trust in our commitment to elevate your eyewear experience and join us on this transformative journey as we turn your vision into art.

Embrace your unique style with LUNETTES ART LAB, where vision becomes art.






LUNETTES ART LAB, where vision becomes wearable art.


"LUNETTES" means eyeglasses in French, reflecting our connection to elegant French eyewear culture.


"ART" represents our dedication to crafting eyeglasses as artistic works.


"LAB" symbolizes our pursuit of innovation and desirable eyewear.


Inspired by elegant French eyewear culture, we craft eyeglasses as artistic works.

Ricky, our skilled optician, spent a decade witnessing the frustrations caused by the limitations of generic frames in the market.

The compromises customers had to make in terms of size, color, and design left him determined to provide a better solution.

At Lunettes Art Lab, we believe that eyewear should be a reflection of personal style, without any compromises.

Our team of artisans, technicians, and opticians meticulously craft each frame to ensure an impeccable fit, exquisite design, and unmatched comfort.

With our advanced fitting, dispensing, and styling services, we go beyond industry standards to deliver eyewear that surpasses expectations.

We believe that eyewear is not just an accessory, but a wearable art form that reflects your individuality.

Lunettes Art Lab is a hub of innovation, constantly seeking new ways to elevate eyewear.

Led by Ricky, our skilled artisans continuously refine their craftsmanship to surpass expectations.


Who we are


Meet Ricky

- Australia Certified optician, French Certified Eyewear frame maker & Repair technician, British Certified Eyewear style consultant , Custom & Asian nose pads fit specialist 


Master Optician


The head honcho optician & a real frame aficionado, Ricky is a founder of LUNETTES ART LAB and Plastic Syndrome who is a certified eyewear stylist & optician, eyewear designer & frame maker, repair technician, custom & Asian nose frame fittings expert with more than a decade of experience in optics. He built his brand around his passion for helping a customer who has different concerns and issues in their eyewear. So, tell him about your eyewear needs. He always has great solutions for you. 








LUNETTES ART LAB offers One Stop Solution for all your eyewear needs which are eyewear style consultation, eyewear design, made to order eyewear service, custom nose fit enhancements, comprehensive dispensing service with non-prescription/prescription lens replacement, and aftercare service includes frame repair or restoration, deep-dive tailoring adjustment or maintaining service for the eyewear.

So, don't look further, LUNETTES ART LAB is your eyewear guru. 



Purchase information



- Each item we present is handmade by Ricky without the use of mass production techniques. Small inconsistencies and imperfections will occur- this is all part of owning a unique, hand crafted piece of eyewear. 

Please look carefully at photographs provided and make sure you love your purchase before buying. If you are unsure of an item, please contact us before purchase and we can provide more detail. 



Shipping information



- Shipping is through Australia Post. We are able to ship almost every day excluding weekends and public holidays. Item that don't have a shipping rate assigned to them will be sent via Registered Post International with no additional charge. 

Items with shipping rate assigned with be sent Australia Post Standard Air Mail. 

Express shipping and insurance are available upon request. 





Our Eyewear Service Brands


Professional Eye wear Repair/ Custom Sun Clip-on Service

Professional Custom Asian Nose Fitting Service