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Handcrafted Custom/ Bespoke Eyewear



  • Handcrafted  Custom/ Bespoke Eyewear ; Beautiful handmade eyewear built from the ground up, one of a kind, just like you.
  • We offer a refined range of contemporary spectacles & sunglasses frames made which are more than a great pair of eye wear with unique experience in our own purpose built creative eyewear lab.
  • Perfect Fit GuaranteedExperience that perfect fit. Every frame is crafted individually for each customer based on the face measurement. Find our what it feels like to wear a frame that is truly made for you!
  • Timeless Style; We don't do fast fashion. We've put our spin on classic shapes that have stood the test of time. 
  • Exclusive components ; Various type of special fit & materials of nose pad options to choose depends the purpose. Exclusive & unique handcrafted custom pattern of built in and screw in acetate nose pad. 
  • One-stop solution with outstanding after care service program; 



 1. Handcrafted Custom/Bespoke Eyewear

    Made to Measure (MTM)
    Bespoke plus
    $999 AUD
    Price on request (Starting from $1499 AUD)
    Type of design (front +temple)
    Within 12 pre-designed template based on our own face analysis system
    Modifying on 12 pre-designed template or brand new style based on our own face analysis system
    Type of nose pad
    Special designed fit of unique nose pad with various type to chose in metal and acetate materials
    Including MTM nose pad style + exclusive custom designed colors and patterns of acetate nose pads 
    Booking required
    Yes  (On/Offline both required) 
    Yes  (On/Offline both required
    Measurement taken
    Online- Analyze measurement based on face pictured with special patterned measuring tool. 
    Offline -Taking detailed measurement specifically around the ears and nose with special tools
    Online- Analyze measurement based on face pictured with special patterned measuring tool
    Offline - Taking detailed measurement specifically around the ears and nose with special tools
    Material choices
    51+ solid color acetate colours and patterns combination, nose pads combination, genuine water buffalo horn - coming soon (+ $300) ;
    300+ combination acetate colours and patterns, nose pads combination, genuine water buffalo horn - coming soon(+ $300)

    Smart  Eyewear

    Add-on Bluetooth Temples 

    (+ $300)

    Add-on Bluetooth Temples 

    (+ $300)

    Face Scan & Analysis
    Design Consultation
    Style Consultation
    Lead time
    4 weeks
    Design phase is typically 2-3 weeks, then 4 weeks from approved design
    Personal engraving
    Deep-dive tailored frame adjustment 
    Yes  ( Available in walk-in service only)
    Yes  ( Available in walk-in service only)
    Frame repair & rehab service 

     2. Bespoke Prescription Lens Service

    Conventional  Lenses
    Our Bespoke Digital HD Lenses
    Pre-Frame Adjustment
    *Monocular Measurements No No
    *Booking required
    Yes  (On/Offline both required
    *Life Style Questionnaire (Optional) No
    PD (Pupillary  Distance) Yes Yes
    OH (Optical Height)
    *PT (Pantoscopic Tilt) No Yes
    *BVD (Back Vertex Distance) No Yes
    *BVD Compensation No Yes
    *Face Form angle No
    *DE (Dominant Eyes)
    Eye/ Lens Position
    Frame Position
    *Frame Wearing Posture
    *Visual Behavior No Yes
    Final Checking & Quality Control  Yes Yes


    *It may or may not required this specific measurements depends on script, type of lenses, level of customization on the lenses and lens manufacturer. 



    Featured service 


    • One-stop eyewear solution


    We've got everything you need at our one-stop eyewear solution. We provide professional dispensing service, deep-dive frame adjustment/tailoring service, and a wide range of replacement lenses including prescription lenses with tint, We also offer custom handcrafted eyewear, so you can find the perfect pair of glasses for your needs. Plus, we also offer eyewear frame repair and restoration services, so you can keep your current glasses in good condition for years to come. 


    • Exclusive facial measurements service


    We take detailed measurements, specifically around the ears and nose, and then design the frame of your choice to perfectly fit your unique features. Our detailed facial measurements ensure that your new eyeglasses are tailored to perfection with a French patterned tool that guarantees an exquisite finish.


    • Comprehensive face scan & face feature analysis service


    We offer a comprehensive facial scan and analysis service to help you find the perfect pair of handcrafted eyeglasses that suit your unique features. We take into account all of your face's distinguishing characteristics, from the shape of your eyes and nose to the width of your jawline, in order to create a custom pair of specs that will look great on you!


    • Personalized eye wear design service


    With our personalized eye wear design service, we can create a pair of specs that are tailor-made to fit your exact look. Whether you're searching for an industrial edge or a softer style, our team of experts will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind set of glasses. During the design process, frame materials are selected with the customer. We then take photos in the chosen template frame. Specific attention is paid to the brow line of the customer, and the frame is tailored to bring symmetry to the face.


    • Deep-dive frame adjustment/tailoring


    At our workshop, we take a deep-dive approach to frame adjustment and tailoring. This means that we really get in there and take care of every minute detail, making sure that your fit is absolutely perfect. We have our own tools and equipment that allow us to take precise measurements, and we take pride in our workmanship and attention to detail. You can be confident that when you leave our shop, your frame will be perfectly adjusted and tailored to your unique face type.


    • Custom hand engraving


    Introducing our custom hand engraving service! This unique service is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your unique eye wear. Our skilled artisan will use hot stamping techniques to hand-engrave your name onto your eye wear, creating a one-of-a-kind look that is sure to impress.