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Bespoke Handcrafted Eyewear


The perfect fit takes hard work, that is why we have spent years developing nose pads, bridges and temples that provide a remarkable level of comfort. 

People invest a lot of money in in their wardrobes closets full and typically they only wear them you know once or twice a month or week or something like that. But infrequently.

If you think about it people wear their glasses day in and day out and so it becomes a part of their look, their personality. Even so we think that people will value a very individual frame that expresses their personality and complements their look.

Really nothing else comes close to being a part of someone's look their persona than their eyeglasses.





  • Comfort

Have you ever had something made just for you? It's impossible to explain just how great it feels to wear something that is custom-made. Every aspect of the design has been tailored to your exact measurements. How many times have you had your current eyeglasses adjusted?

Why do you need to keep returning for things to be refitted for you? The answer is simple. Your eyeglasses were not designed and manufactured for you. Because eyeglasses or sunglasses frames are designed and manufactured for an unknown end-user, they will rarely fit anyone perfectly. This results in eyeglasses that are constantly needing to be refit to the person who purchased them, as eyeglasses will always return to their original shape. The peace of mind you have by having something tailored for you is one of the primary benefits of our custom eyewear service.

  • Aesthetics

Do you have a certain design in mind that you can't find? What about a specific in color that you prefer? What if what you want doesn't come in that color? These limitations are not there when you're creating bespoke eyewear. You are in control and may request whatever you desire. Are you unsure about what you want? Not a problem at all. We developed our own face scanning and analyses system and will be recommended best shape that suit you based on your face feature to make your dream eyeglasses or sunglasses frame. 

  • Environmental

In a world that looks to mass-produce everything,  it's sometimes better to produce only what is required. Our Bespoke Eyewear and repair/rehab, custom modification service  are committed to sustainability and minimizing its environmental impact. One of the many advantages of "made to order" and "bespoke+" products and services are that materials are only consumed once they have been delivered in a final purchase. As a result of this, it considerably lowers the amount of waste generated when compared to traditional mass production.  Because we are just producing final production orders, we may avoid the creation of an overabundance of needless products that ultimately go on a shelf.  We also pay close attention to the materials we utilize, as we don't want to put needless stress on the environment by fulfilling our demands as a small batch of manufacturer. Finally, we want to control the number of shipments that are made in order to fulfill our purchases. We may also reduce the harmful effects of our production process by not sending items back and forth between warehouses and retail stores. 

  • Luxury

The ultimate luxury experience is having something made just for you. Especially when it's made by artisans who are experts in their field, utilizing goods that are unrivaled. This is the Plastic Syndrome's custom handcrafted eyewear experience. We apply all the necessary elements of luxury bespoke creation and use it to make your Plastic Syndrome Bespoke Eyewear. We even engrave anything of your choice into the inner temple of your Bespoke Eyewear, to mark it as yours, while also providing you with your own luxury leather case with engraving initial of your name. Finally, we ensure you receive the absolute best experience by providing you with our standard warranty against handcraftsmanship defect as well as one-time oops breakage warranty that guarantee you will love your Bespoke Eyewear.

  • Convenience

How much time did you spend looking for your last eyeglasses? Did you get everything that you were looking for? Or, did you have to compromise? Compromise is the typical experience of buying eyeglasses. You look at walls or screens filled with possibilities, to be told that only a handful will work. Or worse yet, ordering something to find out that it doesn't fit you properly. What if you could choose any style you wanted? No worrying about fit, colour options, or whether you got the best price. No more walking into every eyeglasses shop to see what is available. No more giving up and just buying anything. Choosing our Bespoke Eyewear gives you this freedom, and ensures any time spent designing your eyewear is used towards giving you exactly what you desire.